Macao people, engaged in theater, art creation and planning, education, writing and editing.

J Ioi Chon Lei


近十年來醉心於攝影創作。由開始專注的風景與靜物,轉變為靜心捕取人物表情,而展示剎那情緒作為創作題材。He has been passionately dedicated to photography for nearly a decade, and his creative focus has evolved over time, from landscapes and stills in the beginning to facial expressions of the captured characters currently in an attempt to showcase the momentary emotions – his present-day major theme.

Keith Fong


平面設計師,插畫家,1987年生於澳門,2014年倫敦藝術大學品牌設計系碩士學位畢業。Born in Macau in 1987, Jinn is a graphic designer, illustrator. He graduated with a MA in Graphic Branding and Identity from the University of the Arts in London in 2014.

Jinn Ng


澳門藝術家曾從事藝術教育工作,並參與中國、日本、韓國及澳門多個展覽。she has been school teachers for several years and participated in various exhibitions held in Mainland China and Macau.

Si Meng Kuan, Frankie See


楊冠瑩,生長於澳門。其創作包括攝影、錄像、插畫及裝置等形式。作品關注自身探索、性別及社區文化等。Ieong Kun Ieng, Summer was born and raised in Macao. She creates works in different art forms including photography, illustration and installation. Her art focuses on self-exploration, gender issues and community culture.

Ieong Kun Ieng (Summer)


2018年憑紀錄片《棉花》獲第三屆澳門國際電影節 評審團特別獎,2019年紀錄片《爺爺的老房子》入圍第四十一屆台灣金穗最佳紀錄片。Macao in 2018 and “My Days in An Apartment”was nominated for the Best Documentary in the Golden Harvest Awards for Outstanding Short Films in 2019.

Lei Cheok Mei Lego


澳門自由攝影工作者。從事攝影工作約六年時間,大部份時間擔任澳門活動項目或婚禮攝影師。Odia is a Macao freelance photographer in practice for about six years, with most of her time dedicated to working as event or wedding photographer in Macao.

Odia Lei


全職藝術工作者,涉獵範疇包括:展覽策劃、編輯、平面設計及攝影,從2001年起參加過超過40次聯展,策展項目超過40個,7次個人展覽。A full-time artist, Cora works in the fields of editing, graphic design and photography, besides curating exhibitions.

Cora, Si Wun Cheng


始創於2012年夏,是扎根於澳門本地的一間木頭小店。Established in the summer of 2012, the Macao-based tiny Zawood upholds eco-friendliness as the core value, taking creative energy as the daily drive.

Dave (Zawood)

尹均球 (宅木)

現職全職攝影師,在狹縫中求生存,喜歡拍攝一些被遺忘的角落、將被遺忘的片刻、或是就只是「當下」。As a full-time photographer, Lei is now finding subsistence in narrowness and often captures the forgotten places, moment or the present.

Pui Cheng Lei


個人的創作方向,大多以探討個人對周邊事物、人與人、人與環境/社會/自然界之間所產生的一些文化差異、矛盾、隔離等情感聯繫,再以不同的藝術語言及媒介去表達,作品種類有錄像裝置、版畫及攝影,作品曾於法國、日本、南韓、台灣、北京及澳門等地展出。As an individual artist she has explored some of the cultural differences between her surrounding environment, people, people and the environment, society, nature, conflict, assimilation, loneliness and other emotional dimensions. Expressing herself in different artistic languages and using several media, including installation, video, printmaking, photography, she has presented her artwork in France, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Beijing, Macau and many other places.

Catherine, CHEONG Cheng Wa


羅婉儀從事藝術創作、寫作及教學工作。曾於香港、意大利、英國修讀設計及藝術。Yuen-yi Lo is an artist, writer, lecturer based in Hong Kong and Macau. Trained in the fields of Communication Design and Fine Arts respectively in Hong Kong, Italy and Britain, her creative work concerns scripto-visual communication.

Yuen-yi Lo


唐重,作品主要以繪畫和雕塑為創作媒介,表述當今的社會文化和生活型態,思考人性的本質,集中探討人類發展與自然界的關係,以及人類在現今環境生態中的角色。Tong Chong often uses painting and sculpture as a medium for artistic creation to narrate the cultural and social context of a contemporary society and to contemplate the nature of humanities.

Tong Chong


澳門人,曾經在台灣,美國及歐洲各國居住,現正在波蘭波茲南藝術大學學習攝影。A native of Macao, NganWa Ao (Kate Samozwaniec) has lived in Taiwan, the US, and various European countries. She is now pursuing her BA in photography at the University of the Arts Poznań - International, in Poland.

NganWa Ao (Kate)


If the transcendental essayist Ralph Waldo Emerson had created with images rather than the written word, he would be 21st century Modernist artist Noel Nieva Villafuerte. Self-taught, world-traveled (having lived and worked in Japan, Hong Kong, Macau, the United States and Denmark)...

Noel Nieva Villafuerte

研究領域涉及至影像、素描、行為藝術和軟雕塑藝術等多個領域。並以研究“人類的深層精神世界”為創作主線,尤其在表達女性內心的焦灼、徬徨、迷茫、悲憫和痛楚等微妙情感的變化上,運用了特有的甚至帶有隱喻性的視覺語言,採用身體為媒介,重複的細微動作為敘述語言,不斷尋找著“自我與世界的聯繫”。Her research interests include photography and filming, sketching, performance art and soft sculpture. Her main creative focus is the exploration of the "deep spiritual world of humankind", in particular, the subtle female inner emotions like anxiety, confusion, perplex, grief and pain. Using unique and metaphorical visual languages and the body as the medium as well as iterative subtle movements as the narrative language, she always looks for "the connection between the self and the world."



平面設計師,策展人,1990年生於澳門,2016年於倫敦藝術大學品牌設計系碩士學位畢業。A graphic designer, curator. Lok was born in Macau in 1990. He graduated with a MA in Graphic Branding and Identity from the University of the Arts in London in 2016.

Lok Hong


2004年來澳門定居。2005年建立原作坊工作室,現從事雕塑創作及陶藝教育工作。In 2004, she moved to Macao and a year later, in 2005, she established The Original Studio. At present, Alice is engaged in sculpture creation and ceramic art education.

Lee Shun Yu, Alice


出生並成長於澳門,大學時期主修英語文學。信奉自然,認為一切皆有其語言。現為自由攝影師。Born and raised in Macau, majored in English Literature during university, a worshiper of nature who sees all beings have its own sublime language. Currently creating an organic harmony.

Bella Tam


現居澳門,全職藝術家,中國美術家協會會員, 澳門全藝社理事長,澳門美術協會副理事長,澳門美術協青年委員會主任。⋯⋯ Born in Macau, Member of Chinese Artists Association, Director of Art for All Society (Macau), Vice-Director of Macau Artist Society, Director of Macao Artist Society Youth Committee......

​Lai Sio Kit

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