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Alice Lee

李舜如 | Alice Lee




「陶・生活」 李舜如X施明坤X宅木--陶木展

Throughout Life: Ceramics by Alice Lee & Frankie See and Wooden Furniture by Zawood

21/10 – 27/11/2018

Born in Hong Kong, Alice graduated from the Department of Business Administration, the Chinese University of Hong Kong in 1987. In 1991, she went to the United States to study art. In 1997, she obtained a MA in humanities from the University of Houston. In 2003, she completed a MA program in fine art at the University of Houston, majoring in sculpture.

From 2000 to 2017, she held solo sculpture exhibitions in the United States, Hong Kong and Macao, while also participating in collective exhibitions of ceramic art in China, Japan and South Korea.

In 2004, she moved to Macao and a year later, in 2005, she established The Original Studio. At present, Alice is engaged in sculpture creation and ceramic art education.
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