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劉岩 | LIU Yan

中國,藝術家,目前在加拿大生活及工作。 2018年畢業於法國敦刻爾克美術學院,獲碩士學位,後到加拿大魁北克大學視覺藝術專業進修。研究領域涉及至影像、素描、行為藝術和軟雕塑藝術等多個領域。並以研究“人類的深層精神世界”為創作主線,尤其在表達女性內心的焦灼、徬徨、迷茫、悲憫和痛楚等微妙情感的變化上,運用了特有的甚至帶有隱喻性的視覺語言,採用身體為媒介,重複的細微動作為敘述語言,不斷尋找著“自我與世界的聯繫”。

思緒——多媒體藝術雙人展 - 劉岩 X 蔣靜華

Thoughts and Emotions - a Multimedia Dual Art Exhibition - LIU Yan X Catherine, CHEONG Cheng Wa

28/07 – 31/08/2019

Liu Yan is an artist from China who currently lives and works in Canada. In 2018, she earned a MA from the Ecole Régionale des Beaux-arts de Dunkerque in France and later on went to the University of Quebec in Canada to study visual art. Her research interests include photography and filming, sketching, performance art and soft sculpture. Her main creative focus is the exploration of the "deep spiritual world of humankind", in particular, the subtle female inner emotions like anxiety, confusion, perplex, grief and pain. Using unique and metaphorical visual languages and the body as the medium as well as iterative subtle movements as the narrative language, she always looks for "the connection between the self and the world."
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