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Noel Nieva Villafuerte

Noel Nieva Villafuerte

Written by David L. Hunter

If the transcendental essayist Ralph Waldo Emerson had created with images rather than the written word, he would be 21st century Modernist artist Noel Nieva Villafuerte. Self-taught, world-traveled (having lived and worked in Japan, Hong Kong, Macau, the United States and Denmark), but originating from the Philippines, Mr. Villafuerte’s work consistently embodies Emerson’s philosophical metaphor of the transparent eyeball: a representation of the eye that is absorbent rather than simply being reflective therefore taking in all that nature has to offer. At present, working primarily in acrylics, he does not begin with preconceived notions; his artistry is all about the experiential journey.

Noel’s intention through his highly unique works is to become one with that creative force and to mine its depths beyond, for example, conventional styles and forms. Indeed, the diversity and intensity of color, shape and shading informs Noel’s highly emotional renderings and wide range of moods. In this way, Noel’s work is inspired from the heart; they are pieces of great feeling that engage and absorb the onlooker’s senses. Like all great artists, Mr. Villafuerte’s art is all about being in “the now.” It feels “alive”—and bursting—as if barely contained by canvas and frame. His highly personalized images explore universal themes reflecting the human condition and, more importantly, the human spirit.

Working full time as a professional artist since 2000, Noel's multi-faceted style has evolved tremendously over the years as he has continued to refine his personal voice. He is in the process of putting together exhibitions of his paintings at various locations in Europe, Macau and the Philippines. Noel was invited and participated to an arts PNoise Arts festival in 2015. few months after Noel moved to Spain, his works was exhibited at various galleries - Galleri Krabbe in Frigilliana, participated in the 8th Compéta Artwalk, Galeria Centro de Bellas Artes in Compéta also took interest and exhibited his arts. Upcoming exhibitions in various galleries in Copenhagen, Malaga Spain, United states and Philippines are on the works.
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