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NganWa Ao

區雁華 | NganWa Ao (Kate)



女性藝術系列—嬝娜:攝影展—區雁華 X 楊冠瑩

Women Art Series - Slender Grace : a Photo Exhibition - NganWa Ao (Kate Samozwaniec) X Ieong Kun Ieng (Summer)

02/09 – 09/10/2018

A native of Macao, NganWa Ao (Kate Samozwaniec) has lived in Taiwan, the US, and various European countries. She is now pursuing her BA in photography at the University of the Arts Poznań - International, in Poland.

Kate likes to convert and rework on memories, photos and image files through mixing different media and materials, trying to discover disparate qualities or intricict meanings in the process.
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