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Keith Fong

方家揚 | Keith Fong

1989年4月出生於香港,多才多藝,完成了時裝設計產業高級文憑課程(HIGH DIPLOMA OF FASHION BUSINESS)後,考取了英國皇家音樂學院鋼琴八級文憑(ABRSM - Grade 8 Piano)。 近十年來醉心於攝影創作。由開始專注的風景與靜物,轉變為靜心捕取人物表情,而展示剎那情緒作為創作題材。


Taste the happiness——Keith Fong & Odia Lei's photo exhibition

08/09 – 28/09/2019

Born in Hong Kong in April 1989, Keith is multi-talented. After completing the program of HIGH DIPLOMA OF FASHION BUSINESS, he obtained the certificate of ABRSM - Grade 8 Piano from the Royal Schools of Music, U.K.. He has been passionately dedicated to photography for nearly a decade, and his creative focus has evolved over time, from landscapes and stills in the beginning to facial expressions of the captured characters currently in an attempt to showcase the momentary emotions – his present-day major theme.
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