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Frankie See

施明坤 | Frankie See


曾從事藝術教育工作,並參與中國、日本、韓國及澳門多個展覽。 現為自由工作者。

「陶・生活」 李舜如X施明坤X宅木--陶木展

Throughout Life: Ceramics by Alice Lee & Frankie See and Wooden Furniture by Zawood

21/10 – 27/11/2018

Frankie (Si Meng Kuan) earned her MFA (Modern Art) in South China Normal University in Guangzhou, China, and Higher Diploma in Visual Arts in Macau Polytechnic Institute.

Being a freelance artist now, she has been school teachers for several years and participated in various exhibitions held in Mainland China and Macau.
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