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Wearing my untold stories

早前澳門城市藝穗節表演節目在At Light上演。

說衣常—身體・札記 Wearing My Untold Stories

與其塵封追憶,不如敞開心扉,喚起衣衫舞影 Reveal, instead of conceal, the emotional stories behind your clothes




There is always a certain piece of clothing, which you may find difficult to let go of. It could be old style, no longer fitting or even ragged, but it reminds you of a scene, a person, a memory, or an emotion… maybe you have hidden it in a corner of the wardrobe so as to deliberately keep it out of sight and touch, but the connection still lingers…

Clothes, not only made to wear, but also witness wearers’ personal growth, carring their memories and stories.

***You are invited to attend the performance in your meaningful outfit and embrace those long-buried memory again.

日期|Date:2019/01/18 星期六Sat 2019/01/19 ,19:30pm 星期日Sun 15:00pm 集合地點|Meeting point :羅飛勒前地(燒灰爐口)| Praça de Lobo de Ávila 票價|Tickets:澳門幣80 票務|Ticketing:廣星售票網 Macau Ticket

演出時間約一小時三十分,Duration:Approximately 1hours and 30 minutes 粵語演出|Performed in Cantonese 適合六歲或以上人士觀看|Suitable for ages 6 and up

意念 Concepts:郭瑞萍 | Candy Kuok 創作及演出 Performer:吳詩韻 | Sze-wan Ng、郭瑞萍 | Candy Kuok 音樂創作及現場演奏 Musician:葉智勇 | Lobo Ip、 Dave Wan

主辦|Organization: 文化局|Instituto cultural 、澳門城市藝穗節|Fringe da Cidade de Macau

聯合製作| Co-Production: 風盒子社區藝術發展協會|Artistry of wind box community development、梳打埠實驗工場藝術協會|Soda city experimental workshop

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