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多媒體舞蹈劇場《靜默・移轉》Tranquillity Transmission


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「事件會消逝,可是本質會留下,銘刻在身體裡。」-艾希提耶(Françoise Héritier) ________________________________________________ 在自然的定律中,疾病逐漸侵蝕身體,生命的消逝如影隨形。 - 法國人類學家艾希提耶(Françoise Héritier)在過世前寫了一本小書《生命中的鹽》(Le Sel de la vie),開始於她寫給醫生的回信,然後一發不可收拾,成了一份生命清單。

多媒體劇場作品《靜默・移轉》,為第十八屆澳門城市藝穗節節目,是次創作將聯合本地錄像工作者梁祖賢,專注於進行「生命移轉」現場繪畫的紐約藝術家Morgan O’Hara,以及本地舞者張楚誠,展開一場對「消逝」、「殘缺」之生命本質的探索。 - 那是對消逝的追思,也是對留下的印證。 - 多媒體舞蹈劇場《靜默・移轉》 |創作團隊| 導演及編舞:李銳俊 J Lei 舞 者:張楚誠 現場繪畫 : Morgan O’Hara (美國) 錄像創作:梁祖賢 平面設計︰鄭志偉@SomethingMoon - |演出資訊| 地點:At Light (澳門卑第圍1號) 日期:2019 / 01/ 18 ,20:00PM 2019/01/ 19,17:30PM * 2019/01 / 20,17:30PM,*此場次提供粵語口述影像服務 對象:適合6歲或以上觀眾 - 票價:MOP120. 購票: - 製作:風盒子社區藝術發展協會 主辦:澳門特區政府文化局 第十八屆澳門城市藝穗節 查詢:6688-2581 /

“The event will fade away, but the true essence will remain inscribed on the body” – French anthropologist Françoise Héritier - According to the laws of nature, disease gradually erodes the body and life fades away little by little. A few years before her death, French anthropologist Françoise Héritier wrote The Sweetness of Life. The book starts with a letter the author sent to her doctor and then became a long list of everyday reasons that make life worth living.

Local video artist Joein Leong and dancer Oscar Cheong, will join hands with American artist Morgan O’Hara, who is renowned for her “live transmission” drawing, to explore the meaning of disappearance and incompletion of life. It is a recollection of what has disappeared and a testimony of what is gone. - Multimedia dance theater " Tranquillity Transmission" |Performance info| Venue:At Light (1 Pátio do Padre Narciso) Date:18/1/2019 ,20:00, 19/1/2019 ,17:30 * 20/1/2019 ,17:30 * Audio description service is available on 20/1 - Target:Suitable for people aged 6+ Price: MOP 120 Ticketing:

|Artistic team list| Director and choreography: J Lei Dancer: Oscar Cheong Live drawing: Morgan O’Hara (U.S.) Video creation: Joein Leong Graphic design: Chiwai Cheang@SomethingMoon -- Production:Artistry of wind box community development association Organization:Instituto Cultural de Macau , The 18th Macao City Fringe Festival Enquiry:6688-2581 /

相片摘自 Photo taken from:風盒子社區藝術發展協會 Artistry of wind box community development association

攝影 Photography︰LEI Pui Cheng


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