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Kan Tai Wong Photography Exhibition



Lethal level of radiative leak at the crippled Fukushima Daiichi plant was detected after the Great East Japan Earthquake occurred on March 11, 2011. Kan Tai Wong, a photographer from Macao, stayed in Akita at that time, and he documented the livelihood of the cities and towns severely damaged by the earthquake and tsunami with his camera. In the following year, he walked inside the exclusion zone set up after the Fukushima nuclear disaster and took photos. The whole batch of documentary photos were taken with a Polaroid camera. Wong believes that an emotional layer of colour would be added when the photo came out of the camera and we wave it in the air and expose it to the sun. However, the production of Polaroid instant print paper was already stopped at that time. Wong had no choice but substituted Impossible Project print paper for the obsolete one. Due to the fact that the compatibility of the print paper was not so perfect, some photos appeared blurry, reddish, darkish, or with noise, ending up with unexpected visual impact.

From the frames, one can see the livelihood of the people in the aftermath of the earthquake: farmers grew cops in their restored lands while villagers carried out their rituals and festivals as usual. In Fukushima, each flower and tree, each piece of wood and tile, the sky, the soil, the ocean, the children, the men, the women, and the animals looks so different in the lens of Wong. Each frame narrates a particular moment of history. The imperfection of the print papers consumed adds a thought-provoking poetic beauty to the ordinary places or things we often take for granted.

黄勤帶,一九五七年出生於香港離島大嶼山。七十年代開始從事新聞及報導攝影工作。曾於日本修讀攝影課程。主要攝影集包括《The Queens》、《Vajrayana》、《香港地2002-07》及《89廣場的日子》。現為攝影師,居於香港及日本。

Kan Tai Wong was born on Lantau, Hong Kong in 1957. He joined the press in the late 1970s and started his long career as a photojournalist in Hong Kong. He studied photography in the Tokyo Institute of Polytechnics. His photographic collections published include '89 Tiananmen, Hong Kong Walled City 2002-2007, Vajrayana and The Queen's. Wong now lives in Hong Kong and Japan and works as a photographer.

主辦 Organizer:弘藝峰創作社Arts Empowering Lab

場地贊助 Venue sponsor:Art Light 策展人 Curator : 施援程 Si Wun Cheng, Cora

藝術空間 Art Space :

At Light——澳門卑第圍1號地下

At Light – Pátio do Padre Narciso nº 1, R/C, Macau


Opening hours : 12:00pm - 7:00pm (Except on Wednesday)

免費入場 Free admission

查詢 Enquiries : +853 6595 7203

電郵 Email :

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