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Micro view - a collective exhibition of Paintings

策展人 Curator : 蔡國傑Cai Guo Jie

參展藝術家及機構(排名不分先後) Participating artists and institutions (in no particular order)

蘇俊傑Sou Chon Kit 樊景賢Fan Keng In 馬子維Nelson Joel Jorge Madeira 郭志偉Kuok Chi Wai 張永浩 Cheong Weng Hou ARTM-澳門戒毒康復協會 ARTM - Association of Rehabilitation of Drug Abusers of Macao 澳門基督教新生命團契-S.Y.部落 Christian new life fellowship (in Macau) -Smart Youth 澳門基督教新生命團契-薈穗社 Christian new life fellowship (in Macau) -WE POINT 澳門青年挑戰福音戒毒中心 Macau Teen Challenge

展期 Exhibition:2019/01/27-2019/03/02 開放時間:PM 12:007:00(逢星期三休館) Opening hours : PM12:007:00 (Except on Wednesday) 地點Venue:At Light(澳門卑第圍1號地下Pátio do Padre Narciso nº 1, R/C, Macau) 免費入場 Free admission 查詢 Enquiries : +853 6595 7203

主辦 Organizer:風盒子社區藝術發展協會 Artistry of Wind Box Community Development Association 贊助 Sponsor:社會工作局 Instituto de Acção Social 場地贊助 Venue sponsor:At Light 鳴謝:弘藝峰創作社 Arts Empowering Lab


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