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All that Remains are Memories --

Lai Sio Kit Oil Painting Exhibition



All that remains are memories is Lai’s latest works, a transcended version of what he has been painting – old-fashioned bricks and tiles, and that has become part of Lai’s unique painting language and symbols. Unlike the past, the audience needs to be more sensible and patient to appreciate his works. The objects he paints are no longer items we can name at one glance, such as a piece of rusty and rotten metal, bricks with nostalgic patterns, or moss-covered red tiles. The intriguing composition of colours in his paintings often urges us to think out of the box and be free from what we have perceived well. It also shows that Lai purely enjoys going back and forth between rationality and improvisation of how he plays with the colours as an artist, from which he attempts to trace back to the pleasure or irritability during his creative process.

策展人 Curator : 何仲儀 Ho Chong I, Joey

主辦 Organizer:弘藝峰創作社 Arts Empowering Lab

贊助 Sponsor:澳門基金會 Macao Foundation

場地贊助 Venue sponsor:At Light

開幕 Opening : 2018/05/25 6:30pm 展期 Extension period:2018/05/26----2018/07/03

At Light——澳門卑第圍1號地下 At Light – Pátio do Padre Narciso nº 1, R/C, Macau


Opening hours : 12:00pm - 7:00pm (Except on Wednesday)


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